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Easter eggs are ok, Easter beers are better

Easter beers

What beers are ideal for Easter? Well anything with chocolate of course, and rabbits are very hoppy right?

So here are our favourite super hoppy beers and chocolate beers that you can get in time for the Easter weekend.

BrewDog Semi Skimmed Occultist

We're not sure which arcane grimoire Brewdog have been consulting for 2017's first small-batch release, but they have truly conjured something special with Semi Skimmed Occultist, boasting a heady and enchanting aroma of chocolate liqueur, and a creamy oat-laden body more opulent than a sorcerer's wardrobe. It won't be long before it disappears back into the ether, however, so pick one up while you can!

FourPure JuiceBox

Pure tropical, fruity pleasure in a glass. Fresh orange zest and heaps of extremely aromatic hops give this beer bright, intense flavours of mango, papaya and bitter orange. A restrained yet present bitterness makes you want that next sip, and the next one, and the one after that. Hoppy, zesty, refreshing.

Lervig Boneyard Viking Blood

In Norway, they brew like bad asses, and Boneyard brews like bad asses, so they teamed up to make a bad ass hoppy red ale for Vikings to drink. And for you. 6.2% ABV.

Tiny Rebel Full Nelson

After months of experimentation with a unique hop, Tiny Rebel sampled a beer so extraordinarily refreshing that it transported them to the other side of the world. The sweet, musty flavour of Nelson Sauvin is similar to the Sauvignon grape - and both grow in the same region of New Zealand. Sweet Munich malt compliments the fruity hop flavours in this Maori-inspired ale.


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