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Back at the start of April I blogged about the fact we were not sure what the immediate future looked like. All our events which we rely on so heavily had been cancelled and we just weren't sure whether we could sustain our position given cash flow was tight and in our game you have to buy lots in order to sell lots. Well, we are now in June and its looking like we will get through the year thanks to the amazing support of new and old customers. We cant thank you enough.

We decided back then that we would go for it and while still holding down our other jobs, we put in all the effort we could to source new and interesting beers against a backdrop of many of the breweries and wholesalers being closed. You guys voted with you wallets and moving our deliveries to a next day basis has meant that we have turned over enough stock to keep it all fresh and interesting.

We still are not out of the woods. Because our little business is from home we don't qualify for any government support and with the pubs likely to reopen in the not too distant future we know that the next few months will present challenges. Why are we telling you all this? Well I speak for many small businesses who are fearful that the habits of old will return and the 'big shop' together with a move back into the office will mean the local trader gets pushed to the back of the queue. Our hope though is the lock-down has meant many people have reflected on who has supported them during the crisis and what they want their new found freedom to look like. We remain optimistic but cautious too.

So our message is if you have found a small business that you know and love keep buying from them please. We are all too aware that money is tight but I do know like us all small businesses value every order. As a family we have had some of the best fruit & veg, takeaways, chutneys, flatbreads, cakes and milkshakes you could ever taste and its opened our eyes as to what is on our doorstep.

Thank you for your support and thank you for sticking with us. Our plans aren't to grow, we like being small and niche. We want to expand our stock of course and we are always open to suggestion from you so do pop me a note if you have anything we should be doing. One of the ideas we had was delivering fresh beer once a week but it would probably have to be limited to our immediate local area. We have tried in vain to get the council to allow the Little Beer Van to rock up locally but it seems licencing laws in Northamptonshire are pretty strict. And Rick is also trying very hard to get me to buy branded beer garage glasses (interesting to know if you think that's a good idea?) but we will stick around as long as you will have us. I hope to report back in a couple of months that all of us have come out of this stronger and better together.

Thanks for reading & please keep safe

Laura xxx

Do email me if you have any suggestions & our stock email will be out tomorrow morning!

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