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New Stock arriving this week

So lock-down phase 2 starts. We are not sure about the mixed message of 'stay alert'. I think its evident that people are starting to struggle with lock-down but a second peak could easily be triggered if we aren't sensible & that R rate climbs. But you didn't come here to read about all that did you? We just want everyone to stay safe & with pubs closed we hope you can enjoy some damn fine beer at home.

Our little business continues with your support. As we said when all this started we were thinking well that's it, no summer events means no income. Our online store was set up to supplement those events but your support in terms of ordering beer through us and then coming back from more means the world to us. The last few days have been steadier but we hope we have new stock incoming which means most of you will come out again in support.

Please note the list below is a 'heads up' and this new stock will be uploaded as it arrives each day.


New stock ARRIVING this week w/c 11/5 - stock will be updated through week

Pollys Brew - Good Nature DIPA & Farrago IPA

Brewery of St Mars - Urchin Brune a rich Belgian Beer & Boscobelle NE juicy pale

Fresh ThreeHills cans including the return of Kveik, a new IPA and more!

All new Overtone. If you like Juicy beers then these guys are a must. We have a top up of one of our beers of the year V3 Citra & Mosaic, NEIPA Tribute, Yaldi & Well Delivered IPA.

Brew York freshies including new Simon Le Mon a lemon sherbet sour & top up of Rhubarbra Streisand

London Beer Factory 3 tallboys; Business Decision DIPA a collab with Basqueland, Big Milk Stout & Lifesavers pale ale (dedicated to kings college hospital)

Grounding Angles (new brewery) - Good Vibrations juicy pale & the highly rated Mr Stouty pants

New Wiper & True Sundance & new Alphabet beer Juice Lee

There will be more, it all depedends how much you guys order ;-)


New stock on our site you may have missed

Fresh local lager from the Braybrooke boys including their Helles

Juice bombs from Verdant. Some Fifty Citrus Pale is soft and juicy as they come!

Signature brew - a beer dedicated to the NHS

Electric Bear x Alefarm Comfy Micro IPA - its sooo good for a low ABV beer

Local Beer from Blackpit brewery including Sky Rocket their awarding winning IPA

And possibly the best sours we have ever tasted from Vault City - simply stunning.

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