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A few of you have been contacting us on social media asking for a heads up on what new stock is incoming for the week especially while we are on lock down. So for the short term I'll do my best and update you here.

I wanted to say a thank you to all of you have come out in support of us, ordered that little bit more and kept us busy. We are deeply thankful as without our summer events we need your help to keep this little business of ours running.

We are running around trying to get beer direct as many of our supply lines are closed and some breweries too. If there is anything you are interested in or think we could be doing more that keeps you in great beer then let us know.


Salt Beer Factory - 2 new beers including Isobar a Imperial Salted Caramel Stout

Dead End Brew - Just you wait for these they are some special sours I tell thee!

ThreeHills - we should have fresh In Pursuit in by the end of the week.

Tiny Rebel top up of Stay Puft, Pump up the Jam, Clwb Tropican & NA version as well as Peaches & Cream

Beavertown - Yeap for all you fans our stocks should be back up to full strength with Neckoil, Gamma Ray and more.

BrewYork - Four new tall boys including Hasst's Eagle a West Coast IPA.

Hogans Cider back in & Wild Beer too including Pogo & Millionaire

Bad Company - These guys have gone under the radar a bit and we have some special collabs and a brilliant NEIPA arriving soon.

Little Monster - After meeting Brendan we decided these guys will be a regular on our shelves with their highly rated table beer & new IPA coming in.

BrewToon - Another new brewery but had my eye on these guys and two new sours on their way.

Full Circle - How do you fancy a Neapolitan Ice Cream & Mint Stout and while we are at it what about their amazing new NEIPA?

Sussex Small Batch - I'm guilty as charged but 4 new dark beers including Reece's stout which is just ace.

A big top up of all your favourite Gluten Free & NA beers too!


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