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Coronavirus - Our response

Well nothing stands still for long does it? After some calls this morning and further advice from SIBA and the government, they have informed us we can operate. Many of our brewing friends have closed & supply lines have been halted for now but we do have some stock and it seems you want beer. We have been overwhelmed by your support and given our unique position as an online retailer who just does off sales, we want to bring beer to you. We don’t however want to add to the problem. We have a family and their welfare and your families safety is very important to us. We do believe however we can do this sensibly and within government guidelines. We will therefore be temporarily opening online, we will process orders within the guidelines set out below but it is a moving situation so again please be aware that if further lock downs come we will have to alter our position (again).

If you order from us then please do expect the following:

All orders will be on a non-contact delivery basis

We will not ring doorbells or knock on doors, instead when you place the order online you will be contacted by us and you will be asked for a designated safe place.

If you don’t have a safe place or allow us to leave the beer at your door then we will offer you a refund.We will text/email you and tell you when to expect your delivery.

We are taking stricter precautions to protect our small team. Disposable gloves will be worn. We will only still deliver locally within our normal parameters. If that changes we will tell you.

One last thing to say is that in reality there are two of us. Rick will be driving and I will be processing orders. Given we are family owned & run we appreciate your patience and we will be in contact with local breweries to do our best to support them if they don’t have an online facility.

Laura x

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