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Introducing Longflint

Whilst Longflint from Tottenham have beer sloshing through their DNA, what they represent as a producer is something a little different from your average brewer.

In fact they’re not brewers at all, preferring as they do to focus on creating batches of handmade tonics, sodas and seltzers that they match with some of the best craft spirits London currently has to offer. What they end up with is a unique range of ‘long drinks’ that shows there’s more to the craft scene coming out of this north London enclave that just great beer.

Working with eclectic raw ingredients like hibiscus flowers, rose hip, cinchona (the natural source of quinine) and cassia bark they build drinks using methods that range from cold brewing to maceration to extract the best flavours they can.

Take their Hibiscus, Gin Tonic for example - it’s a ruby-red take on the classic that is about as far from the original as possible whilst still being identifiable. It's made by cold brewing whole hibiscus flowers for three hours before blending with their house tonic #2. They make their house tonic #2 to accentuate the acids you find in pear and apples as opposed to citrus fruit so that is goes brilliantly with the acidity that the hibiscus brew brings. It’s then matched with East London Liquor's London Dry Gin for a G&T experience you definitely won't find anywhere else!

Alongside their smoky and complex Grapefruit and Mezcal Paloma and a Rhubarb and Organic Vodka Seltzer (plus more, there’s 7 in the range at last count) their drinks offer a beautiful accompaniment to your craft beer.


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