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Cans vs Bottles?

' I prefer bottles, I would never buy canned beer'. We hear this statement a lot when we have people visit our stall and look at the amount of cans we have on display. Cans do have a historic bad reputation but conversely many of our customers, once they start drinking and enjoying craft from a can start to think much differently. As one of our customers explained only last week I would only buy cans now and you should tell everyone else they should too'.

So here are our top 3 reasons you should consider canned beer.

1. We love beer and we love the environment! Canned beer stays fresher by eliminating light damage and reducing the risk of oxidation.

2. Cans chill quicker, are lighter to transport and are safer to drink from in the wild outdoors.

3. Like to recycle? Us too! Cans are among the most easily recycled and eco-friendly packaging on the planet.

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