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What is a West Coast IPA?

What the hell is a West Coast IPA anyway?! These IPAs are known for the huge hop aroma bursting with notes of citrus and tropical fruits. Their malt character is understated, and they finish dry to let the layered hop flavors and aromas take center stage #Shapeshifter by Fourpure Brewing Co. is just one example.

5 things to look for:

1. HOPS! Cascade and Chinook give loads of resiny and citrus aromas and flavours.

2. Strength. West Coast beers tend to be strong at around 6-8%. .

3. Terroir. Like wine, hops has a clear terroir. Those grown on the Pacific Northwest, like Centennial in Torpedo, are spicy and citrusy.

4. Dry hopping. Dry-hopping was an old English technique, resurrected to add huge amounts of aroma. Hops are usually added after fermentation.

5. Few malts. The West Coast IPA differs from the East Coast IPAs and Mid West IPAs with a muted malt profile.

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