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Mighty Leeds

I travel to Leeds around once a week and the place is chock full of great breweries and bars. The craft beer scene is growing scene and I thought id share some of the best places to drink in this brilliant city.

Northern Monk Refectory

One of the best brewery taprooms. Situated in a the Old Flax Store, they have designed the place so it is a real experience when you visit. With the bar directly above the brewery, you get a real sense of the beers before you have even tried them.


The place to go for craft beer and delicious curry in Leeds. A wonderful beer selection on offer including their very own Bombay Dazzler. Enjoy a sharing platter with your mates and take some snaps of the amazing decor inside.


As you can guess form the name this taproom has some awesome in-house brews. A great place for nerding out, they have cask vs keg nights where they measure up the same beer. This particular bar has an authentic Czech brew-kit, so try out some of those brew for a experience worth coming back for.

North Bar

First on our list is the first ever craft beer bar in the UK, this alone can cement Leeds’ status as a craft beer city. Now expanding into producing the beer (in your boxes this month), head in and grab yourself a slice of history and a pint of Transmission, their amazing West Coast IPA.

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