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Christmas Calendars

Our Beer Garage advent calendar will be in stock over the next few weeks. Containing 24 bottles and cans of fantastic beer from all over the world this will be sure to get you or a loved one in the festive mood. Each calendar will contain a variety of pale ales, pilsners, saisons, stouts, red ales, IPAs, weissbiers and much much more.

We cant tell you the names of all the beers but expect a mixture of the very best breweries all of which have been tasted and approved by us. We will include a few local lads and some of the beers which have made our top ten during 2016 so quality is assured.

The price includes free delivery within our normal delivery radius and because we have only produced a handful of these they will go quicker than Santa's sleigh.

Pre orders are being taken now by emailing us at:

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