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Gluten Free Beer

There is now an increasing range of gluten-free beers that are being brewed all over the world. If you are a Coeliac sufferer or just searching for something that is different and fits with your diet then gluten free beers may suit you. Some breweries are adding a special kind of enzyme which breaks down the gluten and some are using alternatives to gluten like rice or lentils as a substitute. To qualify as “gluten-free” a product must be 20 parts per million gluten or less. Regardless of the way in which the beer is brewed what you want as a beer lover is taste and flavour. Gluten free shouldn't mean you have to compromise.

This is our take on some of the best gluten free beers available to buy right now.

1. Release the Chimps -Nene Valley Brewery

An IPA for everyday drinking. A pale malt base gives a crisp mouthfeel that allows late-addition and dry hops to come through with a clean punchy bitterness and a good deal of hop flavour for such a light beer

2. American Dream - Mikkeller

Danish superstar craft brewery Mikkeller has added a few de-glutenised beers to their range, giving hop-lovers the best fix on the market. American dream is a lager that is hopped up to the max and has a lovely citrus aroma.

3. Big Bang Theory - Nene Valley Brewery

Wonderfully balanced west coast pale ale with a huge hop aroma giving way to malty sweetness and a gentle bitter finish. Nene Valley have a second entry in our list because this is a great beer packed full of west coast hops to give it a lovely bitter mouthful.

4. Vagabond - BrewDog

BrewDog launched Vagbond gluten-free pale ale after it was voted the favourite in their 2014 Prototype Challenge, beating three regular beers containing gluten in a taste test. Vagabond Pale Ale melds citrus and tropical hop flavours with a light caramel malt base, backed up with a raucously resinous bitterness.

5. Fantasma - MagicRock

This 500ml can is a 6.5% gluten-free, Citra IPA. MagicRock have used Brewers Clarex® to knock down the gluten levels of this beer to give coeliacs a beer they actually want to drink. The resulting beer is hazy, dank and tropically fruity with a restrained bitterness and great drinkability.

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