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Myth Busting

Myth one. Beer is fattening. Ladies - no it’s not its less calories than most other alcoholic drinks even wine. In a standard pint of beer there is roughly 182 calories but in a 250 ml glass of wine its 197. A pint of beer has 2.5g of sugar where as a can of coke contains 34 grams.

Myth Two. It’s not as good as for me as my vino. Firstly any alcohol for you in moderation is good for your heart. Beer generally is mostly lower in alcohol than wine so it’s easier to moderate your intake.

Myth Three.Beer makes me bloated. Cheap, fizzy yellow stuff might be ok for some but the mass produced stuff will make you bloated as it contains lots of C02. Cask ales, craft keg and bottled beer has lower carbonation.

Myth Four. It doesn’t go with food in the way that wine does. Yes some wine can be wonderful with food but it does have its limitations. Beer is much more versatile with food and it can do things that wine cannot - for instance it match brilliantly with spicy food and a vast selection of desserts in a way that wine does not.

Laura x

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