One of the highest rated beers brewed in the UK in last 6 months on untappd. 4.43 (654 ratings on 11/01/21)


Citra Leaf & Cryo, Idaho 7 Cryro, El Dorado T90, Strata T90, Nelson Sauvin T90 


TALES OF MAJESTIC PUCK, the third of Wylams TIPA / IMPERIAL IPA triptych, impishly cultivates a searingly intensified pure fruit punch up. Mischievously gummy with a plump gluey viscosity rendering intense biting pulsations of ropical overload and chewy bubblegum glut. NOT FOR THE NEBBISH OR FEIGH…


This is majestic. 





Wylam Tales of Majestic Puck TIPA

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