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Strawberry Swiss Meringue Sour

This beer will make you feel like Shawn Michaels has used his ‘sweet chin music’ move to upper kick your taste buds into turbo mode. Sweet strawberries magnify the liquid’s acidity, which is then accompanied by the smooth, silky and dense textures that come with swiss meringues! We aren't exactly known for our sour beers at Tiny Rebel, but when we do create one, we go BIG on flavour... as Shawn Michaels once said "Keep On Practising The Craft To Become The Master".

Clarity: Hazy
Eye: Red
Nose: Strawberry Cream
Taste: Strawberry, Vanilla, Full Meringue Sour


Untappd 3.74





Tiny Rebel Brewing Sweet Chin Music Sour

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