Long in the making, the sister beer to Forbidden Fruit: Raspberry has arrived!

Spirit of Nature is our first foray into the exciting, complex, world of continuously blended mixed fermentations. 


At select times, a portion of the beer is pulled from the tank & aged in oak barrels, while the tank is topped up with fresh wort, cultures & fruit, creating a continually blended fermentation.


Using selected yeast strains, bacteria, fruit & time, we create a unique product that constantly evolves through each iteration, truly reflecting the spirit of nature.


This version showcases Raspberry.  Raspberry is a blend of Sauternes, Chardonnay & cab/merlot barrel aged mix fermented base that was subsequently infused & conditioned with British Raspberries.Expect a bright pink sensation full of jammy raspberry, vanilla, toasted oak & light vinous notes.





Three Hills Spirit of Nature Barrel Aged Blended Raspberry Sour