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Flicking back through our beer archives and smashing together two of our favourite beers of yesteryear is something we’re renowned for and huge fans of here at Polly’s. Taking the elements that made a certain beer great and combining it with the components of another incredible beer to create something entirely new is a challenge our brew team grasp with both hands, and they’ve blown it out of the park on Urban Adventure. A three way dance of Citra, Simcoe and Vic Secret, the bridge between beers here is Simcoe – utilised on that first ever batch of Citra Simcoe IPA we brewed all those years ago and blew our own minds with, and a the glue that held together recent classic Render Melted’s Simcoe and Vic Secret hop bill. We’ve combined everything into a wonderful hop soup of flavour on this beer – delicate notes of peach, berry and apricot meld with zingy pineapple and mango, before a final flourish of citrus zest finish off this incredible IPA.





Polly's Brew Urban Adventure Hazy IPA

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