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Paulaner Munich Lager, Helles, 100% natural. Brewed with pure spring water, Paulaner's centuries-old yeast strain, Hallertau hops, and malted barley Rich, true, all-natural flavors with the traditional light, hoppy finish.

We want you to enjoy every last sip of Paulaner, however there are a few simple things to be aware of when using mini kegs. Simply follow the instruction and you’ll end up with the perfect glass full! Contains high quality beer and requires chilling for a couple of days before opening. Once opened consume within three days. Store in a cool place, between 10C and 12C Lift the top vent and turn it to the left. This reduces the pressure in the keg. Pull out the tap on the handle the full length. For tapping please turn the tap to the left. To close the tap, turn it back to the right.


Please note this item can be delivered as a single item and does nto need to meet our minimum delivery. 


Paulaner Munich Helles Mini Keg

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