In 2019 we brewed a rye-heavy wort which we put into an oak butt to ferment with our own mixed culture. After several months, it finished fermentation with a good amount of sugar remaining. This sweet, slightly spicy, sour beer needed something special added that would contrast the sweetness. Similar to our Blueberry Sour, we decided to experiment with Blackcurrant puree to bring big, mouth puckeringly dry tannins & a bit of bitterness to balance it out. 


It’s like drinking Vimto sour sweets in beer form with subtle funky esters from the yeast. There’s also a pleasant lingering bitterness and the beer is a nicely middling 5.2% abv. It has a best before of 2026 so you could drink some fresh and see how the beer ages over time.






Little Earth Project Blackcurrant & Rye Sour

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