A selection of Fresh Czech Republic beers -Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world for a reason - it tastes good.


We have three stunning independent breweries. Albrecht, Kutna Hora and Bohemia Regent. All 500ml and a mix of styles.  Imported direct and first come first served.  


1 x Albrecht: 11° Blonde Czech Pilsner 500ml 4%

1 x Albrecht: 10° Czech Pilsner 500ml 4.5%

1 x Kutna Hora Stribrna 11 Czech Pilsner 500ml 5%

1 x Kutna Hora Gold Chmelena 12 Dry Hopped Czech Pilsner 500ml 4.9%

1 x Bohemia Regent Premium Svetly Lezak 12 Lager 500ml 5% 

1 x Bohemia Regent: Prezident Lager 500ml 6% 


Ships 15/9

Czech Republic Mixed Pack