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September 3, 2017


One of the most classic cocktails twisted up with our royal Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin.  As rhubarb is a vegetable it is also low in calories, low in fat, cholesterol free and high in fibre, one of your five a day we think.


  • 65m...

September 3, 2017

I remember a time when lager was all I knew. My Dad would drink crappy French suds in stubby bottles at barbecues, my friends and I would neck Foster’s at parties, and you’d order a pint of Stella in a stemmed glass when you went on holiday. The words beer and lager we...

July 3, 2017

' I prefer bottles, I would never buy canned beer'.  We hear this statement a lot when we have people visit our stall and look at the amount of cans we have on display.  Cans do have a historic bad reputation but conversely many of our customers, once they start drinki...

Like arguments about the definition of craft or whether cask or keg is better, the question of cloudy beer is much more emotive than we first think. 

On Twitter, admittedly not a place famous for reasoned discussion, I have seen people lose friends, respect and indeed t...

May 9, 2017

There is now an increasing range of gluten-free beers that are being brewed all over the world.  If you are a Coeliac sufferer or just searching for something that is different and fits with your diet then gluten free beers may suit you.  Some breweries are adding a sp...

April 30, 2017

The English IPA

The original style of IPA from which the others stem, British IPAs are hoppy golden ales that use exclusively British hops like fuggles and goldings for a grassy, earthy and light citrus character. They are usually around 6-7% and dry as a bone.

The West...

April 9, 2017

What beers are ideal for Easter? Well anything with chocolate of course, and rabbits are very hoppy right?

So here are our favourite super hoppy beers and chocolate beers that you can get in time for the Easter weekend.

BrewDog Semi Skimmed Occultist 

We're not sure whic...

March 19, 2017

Myth one.  Beer is fattening.  Ladies - no it’s not its less calories than most other alcoholic drinks even wine.   In a standard pint of beer there is roughly 182 calories but in a 250 ml glass of wine its 197.  A pint of beer has 2.5g of sugar where as a can of coke...

March 5, 2017

What the hell is a West Coast IPA anyway?! These IPAs are known for the huge hop aroma bursting with notes of citrus and tropical fruits. Their malt character is understated, and they finish dry to let the layered hop flavors and aromas take center stage #Shapeshifter...

February 19, 2017

Modern Times / Fortunate Islands / 5%

Beer never fails to surprise. When you think you know a style, or have an expectation, beers from breweries like Modern Times are here blow them out of the water.  On the can, it says this is a wheat beer, but Fortunate Islands has...

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